What to wear to an interview

If preparing for an interview wasn’t stressful enough. There is picking out an outfit.

Sorry boys, but Men have it easy! A classic navy, grey or black suit, crisp white shirt – complimented with tie and matching pocket square and finished off with a smart pair of shoes. I am talking Harvey Specter type swag, here you go ladies:

Your Welcome…

When it comes to us girls, it can be little bit more difficult.

Some might think this post is small minded and as a disclaimer this just something I am suggesting.

When choosing an interview outfit, you don’t want to look too sexy or too formal or too casual or like you are trying too hard.

Depending on your industry and role does also depend on what you choose to wear. I can only give you suggestions on the corporate landscape. However, what I will say – what ever the role or industry it is always important to dress for the job you want and to always choose something more formal over something more casual.

Good Ideas:

  • Keep it simple
  • Black, Navy, Plum, Grey
  • Knee Length
  • Clean shoes
  • Classic Make up

TV Characters to build looks from – Donna Paulsen (Suits), Rachal Zane (Suits), Emily Rhodes (Designator Survivor), Hayes Morrison (Conviction)

Bad Ideas:

  • Mini Dress
  • Legs and boobs
  • Jeans
  • Big prints that are distracting
  • Out out makeup
  • Trainers
  • Sunglasses on or on the top of your head (trust me I have seen this!)

TV Characters to not look like at your interview – Betty Boop, Katie boob popping moment (Great News)… you can see what I am getting at.

If you don’t have anything in your wardrobe that is suitable it might be time for a shopping spree. Ideal places to start are:

  • Next
  • M&S
  • Zara
  • Ted Baker
  • ASOS