Who, What, Why

Hi, my name is Lucy and I am the founder of A Woman’s Network, formally known as Coffee Corners for Professional Women.

After moving out of London, I searched for a networking group in my local area to meet like minded women on a regularly basis with the aim to find support, ideas and advice which would help me grow and develop in my career and as an individual. To my surprise I couldn’t find anything that was suitable – the groups were either during the day, which wouldn’t fit around my working schedule or the agenda was too focused on people promoting their businesses, which is great but I don’t have a business service to sell. And, actually some events included a cost, which I thought was a little unreasonable.

Feeling frustrated, I had a light bulb moment. If I was looking for a local networking group, there must be other women out there who were similar to me? And actually, could I set up a group that would allow me to help others?

So… In November 2018, I logged into Meetup and created a networking group. Within a week I already had 50 ladies sign up and there appeared to be a keen interest! – With the aim to have an open space for women to come along to meet like minded peers, at the weekend, for free. (Well, all you need is some small change to grab yourself a beverage).

Alongside the Meetup group, I decided to create this blog. The objectives for this platform is to write up ideas that could help and support women in their careers. From how to write a CV to what to wear to an interview and what outfits are work appropriate. I aim to keep post relevant as well as provide useful information that can benefit and enrich others.

As of April 2019, the Meetup group was closed and all events are published on the Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/awomansnetwork1/