Social Media Planning

There are 7 guidelines for developing a social media plan, which are: Stretch, Build a community, watch out for Social Media Experts, find your customers, be a person, follow others and test your knowledge.

Starting with Stretch, If your normal methods of marketing such as the tried and tested methods like brochures and forms on a webpage are not bringing in or giving you the right results, you might need to consider and bring in an expert in Social Media to increase the strength! As you develop your social media plan, you need work with people with a deep digital reach to help you establish your presence.

Build a community – You need to get people talking about you in a that they promote your brand. Have you seen Mrs Hinch on Instagram? She is the Cleaning it girl for social media, her personal brand has sky rocketed and she has an amazing following on the digital platform – that following is her community. She does this by posting daily, doing Instagram stories and commenting on other peoples comments.

Watch out for social media experts – As we see social media evolve from Myspace to Facebook to Instagram and now even Snapchat you need to remember that this is just a part of marketing. Marketing consultants who have the specialists skills in social media understand its changes and evolution. They can help you navigate and establish your brand in the social stream as one aspect of your marketing plan. It is always important to make sure you see some samples and to make sure they have some examples of their work, perhaps a specific brand they have worked with before? What were the results? Did it increase revenue?

Find your Customers – What platform do your customers use the most? For example if you are launching a fashion brand you might want to use Instagram, if you are launching an IT consultancy, you want want to use LinkedIn. This means, you don’t need to be on every platform, just the right one.

Be a person – In a world of policies and process, don’t baffle potential customers with complicated language, put a personality on way you say things. For example, I recently had a formal, long winded emails from a high end retailer, about an item was out of stock. It wasn’t helpful or personable. But to improve, I would have liked to seen – ‘oh snap, you have great style and your item has flown off the shelves, meaning you product is out of stock. Don’t worry, here are three other similar items you might like’ … It is basic, but it is holds personality which is engaging.

Follow others – Don’t be one way! If you have 200 follower and only follow 2 it doesn’t look like you engage. If it is the opposite, try to use the right hash tags to generate more followers. Also, try and interact with your followers, by participating in the community you are building connections and potential customers. Whether you are blogging or posting on Facebook or Instagram make sure that you reply to people’s comments providing information or even just acknowledging that they have taken the time to comment.

Test your knowledge – In order to effectively leverage social media, you must have a strategy and establish utilisation guidelines.

Utilisation guidelines will enable staff in a company to make efforts that will help the company reach its goals. Enabling responsibility for updating your company page on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram – their messages might also include their name so you know who made the post, you need to ensure that individual is singing from the same page as well as is looking to promote the business not tarnish it.

The value in social media:

Calculating the cost of social media for your company tends to be the method of inbound cost per lead. Whether this is through a social media site or a blog or ad words. This will give you the value of social media.

It is: Cost per lead, segmented by channel.

After you have tracked, used and seen your results over a period of time, you can truly establish whether the investment is social media is on target against your budget. From that point you can make some amendments to improve or to continue your social media plan and truly know which engagement works better.


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