Just Enough

With the fashion industry so focused on ‘fast fashion’ it is no wonder why our wardrobes are full of rags which are most certainly NOT leading us to riches. In a nutshell, fast fashion is inexpensive clothing that is made cheaply and quickly to get to market for retailers to keep up with the latest trends.

With fast fashion filling our wardrobes can often be emptying our pockets. Although the fashionable garments can be inexpensive being a lesser price then the designers, it can often cause our spending to increase. You can end up spending a hundred pounds on one online shopping spree because a printed blouse costs £20, Jeans £25, Boots £30 and what about that cute jacket that is on sale for £15 don’t forget the matching necklace for £10. Oh look there is £100 spent on poorly made clothes, with boots that hurt your feet and the printed blouse that came in season too quick and left the trends even faster. People do this each week and the numbers soon add up.

Having lots of clothes to choose from each day was making me feel overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed! After reading more about Project 333 ‘Be more with less’ and being inspired by the Netflix series: ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’ – I decided to make a real change.

I emptied the entire content of my wardrobe, clothes only to start with – and did exactly what Marie Kondo tells her clients to do; if an item of clothing didn’t spark joy, I thanked that piece for what it had gave me and started 5 piles of clothes :-

  • Keeping,
  • My mum,
  • Mother-in-Law,
  • eBay
  • and Charity shop (Thames Hospice)

I organised my winter wonders (jumpers and jumper dresses) and vacuumed packed them away for the summer. It is worth investing in a decent brand of vacuum storage packaging. I used Rokey storage bags, which I purchased from Amazon. I am against the overuse of plastic and I feel little bit like a hypocrite, writing this paragraph… However, it is important to store your clothing well. Especially woolens, that are going to living in the loft for 6 months where naughty little moths can wriggle their way in and snack on your jumpers.

After clothes, I went on to shoes then underwear then my make-up draw. My space is now tidy and I can clearly see what I have, thanks to Marie Kondo’s folding methods.

There are plenty of way to keep organised. If you have the space, you could have a rail and line up your outfits for the week. If, like me, space is a little precious, taking photos of your outfits and filing them away on your phone or even printing them out. At least you know what goes!

Aside from space and drama free mornings. There are bigger concerns about our environment when it comes to fast fashion. We are all too focused on recycling our clothes when are finished wearing them, great. But actually what about the start of the life cycle?

Did you know it is estimated that 20% of industrial water pollution worldwide is associated with garment manufacturing, and 85% of that is associated with the fabric dying process. Each year, 1.3 trillion gallons of water is used for dying fabrics alone, and it’s estimated that the amount of water needed to grow, dye, and process the cotton for just one pair of blue jeans ranges from 500-1,800 gallons.

Did you know it is not just the plastic wrapped around garments when you purchase them they actually contain plastic too!

And did you know when you wash your clothes, the micro plastics go into the water, then goes into the ocean, then the fish swallow that water, then we eat the fish – it is one big old cycle. Not great, right?

It is time we start being mindful on what we buying and where from. There are plenty of brands out there that are focused on sustainable fashion as well as our well known and loved brands such as H&M, M&S, Lush, Mango and Zara.

Doing this project hasn’t only made me more mindful on my fashion spending habits and choices, but I feel happier. This weekend I easily picked out my outfits, with no fuss and felt confident in what I was wearing. I even have a fair idea on what I am going to wear this week for work.

I think it is now fair to say I have less clothes and lots to wear!

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Less is more!

I have loads of clothes, but nothing to wear. Most mornings I find myself late, overwhelmed and cross that I can’t put together an outfit. Urgh, what do I do? … Wear the same clothes that I know go together, leaving labelled items staring at me – ‘oh why not me’ I hear them cry.

I was talking to a girl friend of mine this morning and she told me about Project 333. I am already slightly obsessed with Marie Kondo and had planned that this weekend, I was going to pile up clothes, especially now the weather has improved and sort my outfits out once and for all. And this time, truly get rid of the clothes that I know I am never ever going to wear.

So after some research into Project 333 I am now truly inspired to set out items for spring. In nutshell, you have 33 items of clothing that you wear for 3 months. I think it is a little ambitious, personally that would be a big step for me, what I will do is sort a number of outfits that I know go together and start saving up and planning for more key items. Not only is this more a sustainable approach… I just can’t keep up with this fast fashion drama and in fact it is probably costing me more money then if I just saved and purchased something designer and high end…

So follow my journey this weekend where I will be going from too much to just enough.

To find out more about Project 333 check out the site here: https://bemorewithless.com/project-333/

Marie Kondo is now on Netflix! The episodes are only short, so make sure you you squeeze one in over this Easter Weekend!

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Coffee Corner Event – Sunday 24th March

So 3 ladies came along and joined Lucy and Farah in Marlow, here are the notes from the meeting.

Mel gave us an intro into coaching, which also included a mini exercise where we looked at – where we are now and where we see ourselves in 2 years. This was then discussed in the group. As a closure to the talk, Mel gave us a card with a question: What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? The answer we wrote down, was private and personal to the individual. This definitely has given us something to think about.

We also talked about words and language we use within our own thoughts! Using negative language about ourselves can give a negative impact to our-lives. There was a common theme about how your up bringing can shape this in our brains and how we have used different tools and techniques to change the way we think about ourselves. It was refreshing to have such an open conversation and actually no matter the age, we all go through the same feelings and thoughts.

With Catherine starting her new make-up business, Beautiful by C.J (https://www.facebook.com/beautifulbycj/ ) we discussed ways we use social media. Sophie, who is a Personal Trainer (Insta: @Sophfitness_pt) showed the group the way she structures her content and gave advice on how often you should post as well as ideas for Catherine’s Instagram. It was great to get some hints and tips and I definitely have some thoughts on how to grow the social media footprint for A Woman’s Network!

Mel came up with a fantastic suggestion that A Woman’s Network hosts a Charity event for a local woman’s charity! This would be an exciting opportunity for us to give something back to our community as well as support a local charity. As the networking groups grow, it would be great for us to collaborate and come up with a project plan on how we could deliver and host this.

Time went by so quickly, we didn’t quite have an opportunity to discuss future events and how Lucy and Farah plan for these.

Lucy and Farah use Trello to manage content and ideas for the events and social platforms. We would like to share this with everyone who wants to be more involved! Farah is going to create a how to guide and golden rules for Trello. Please let us know if this is something you would be interested in!

Next Coffee Corner Events:
We have a long list of potential Coffee Corner Events. We would like to ask, that you confirm that the below are subjects you are interested in and take ownership on anything you have mentioned or fancy doing. You can do this by getting in touch with Lucy and/or Farah so we can drive the idea forward.

What we have come up with so far:

  1. Self defence class
  2. Reflexology
  3. Mediation & Hypnosis
  4. Sales talk
  5. Finance fundamentals
  6. Tai chi – we will need to source somone!
  7. Reiki
  8. Time Management
  9. Project Management
  10. Relationship building
  11. Presentation and public speaking.

As a reminder, the next Coffee Corners will be:

Sunday 28th April – 11am The Five Horse Shoes, Maidens Grove – Link

Friday May 24th 6:30 PM – Wine Corner, The St George and Dragon, Wargrave – Link

Sunday 23rd June 1pm – Picnic Corner, Higginson Park, Marlow – Link

Look forward to seeing you soon!